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                          BRENDAN  SOMERS
                                                                                  FUNERAL CELEBRANT

Funeral Celebrant

Every life is extraordinary. Every life is full of event, of emotion, drama, sadness and joy.

The story of a person's life does not end with their death, but continues through the memories of their loved ones and the multitudes of people they influenced through their life.

My job is to help to produce a ceremony in which loved ones can celebrate the life of the departed and make their own contribution to create a vibrant, truthful and powerful tribute to their dearly missed loved one.

I use my skills as an actor, screenwriter, playwright and storyteller to tell the story of your loved one's life and to create a ceremony that will show how much they were loved ... and why.

leafy path.jpg

                Nothing Is Lost

And we will take their hands again

where all the rivers meet

and they'll have diamonds in their hair

and flowers at their feet


for though this land is empty

and harshest winds do blow

one day we'll be together

where all our dear ones go


for love is with us always

and death is but a pause

our hearts will beat forever

at the closing of the door.

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