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Losing a loved one is an experience that can be both disturbing and disorienting. Amidst the grief, the responsibility of putting together a fitting farewell can feel overwhelming. As a funeral celebrant, my role is to guide and support you through this challenging time, ensuring that the ceremony honours the departed in a way that reflects their unique life and spirit and fulfils the needs of the bereaved.

Typically, the journey begins when the funeral director offers my services to you, though you may also choose to approach me directly. Once engaged, I will meet with you to understand something of the personality, passions and life of the deceased. This personal connection gives me the knowledge to create a meaningful tribute .

The tribute, a central element of the ceremony, can be developed in collaboration with you. While I am adept at preparing tributes based on the information you have given me, you may choose to write and present it yourself. The ceremony can take various forms. You may, for instance, want the tribute interspersed with poems, readings, and music. I can suggest selections for these or leave it up to you, family and friends to decide the content of the ceremony.

Other things we might discuss are whether the coffin's curtain be closed or left open at the end of the ceremony and whether you want mourners to lay flowers etc. on the coffin.


I will help to create a ceremony that is a fitting and memorable farewell and which will always be remembered.

 Once the details are finalised, I provide a draft script outlining the entire ceremony for your approval. After the ceremony, you'll receive a presentation copy containing the tribute, readings, and music – a treasured keepsake to commemorate this most important day.

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